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30-Day Wellness CirKel Program

Our 30-Day Wellness CirKel Program is designed to cleanse your mind and body by forming good habits and build practical strategies within a manageable system for an optimal health and wellness lifestyle. To make real incremental change, we believe health and wellness is sustained by nine areas in our Wellness CirKel: Physical, Nutritional, Emotional, Professional, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Financial and Environmental.  These areas will give you a sense of how to work toward your ideal wellness, but it’s by no means prescriptive and is not one-size-fits-all. The journey is unique and different for each individual. Our approach is to provide you with a personalized plan. During your 30-Day CirKel Wellness Program Launch Meeting, your CirKel Wellness Coach will work with you to thoroughly plan out the 30 days addressing the 9 areas of the Wellness CirKel and will be with you every step of the way.

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30-Day Wellness CirKel Program Includes:

  • CirKel Wellness Program Launch Meeting (60 Minutes)

    • This meeting can be virtual or in-person and should be at least 3 days prior to your 30-Day CirKel Wellness Program start date.

  • Personalized planning and approach to Full CirKel 8 areas of wellness

  • 1 weekly personal training session: in-studio or virtual (45 minutes)

  • Weekly Wellness Coaching Meetings (30 minutes)

  • Weekly anthropometric data (height, weight, body mass index (BMI), body circumferences (waist, hip, neck and limbs)

  • Personalized Nutritional and Meal Plan

  • Recipes, Snack Ideas, Shopping List

  • Monitoring of food journal and 30-DayCirKel Wellness Calendar

  • Personalized and supportive accountability services

  • Unlimited Email and Facetime/Text/Phone Support In-Between Weekly Meetings

500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

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